Winnington CHP Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Chemicals Europe Limited. The acquisition in September 2013 of Winnington CHP marked a major step in Tata Chemicals Europe’s ongoing efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and take control of its energy costs in the context of UK and global energy markets and regulatory frameworks undergoing unprecedented change.

The site

Winnington CHP (Combined Heat and Power) has a thermal capacity of approximately 400 MWth and is capable of generating up to 96 MWe of electricity, thanks in part to our brand new, super-efficient steam turbine (for more information watch the video here) . For security of supply, the site also has three industrial scale backup boilers. Natural gas is fed to the site from the National Transmission System via an 11 km cross-country pipeline. The CHP then provides energy in the form of intermediate pressure steam and power to Tata Chemicals Europe’s manufacturing sites as well as other manufacturers located within Northwich’s industrial clusters. The transfer of this energy takes place via an extensive private wire electricity network, owned and maintained by specialist Tata Chemicals Europe high voltage engineers, and two 5 km steam pipelines, complete with a condensate return main to maximise heat recovery and overall energy efficiency. At over 80% efficient, the CHP ensures that the energy intensive manufacturing sites to which it is connected receive heat and power with the lowest possible carbon footprint and remain competitive in the UK, Europe and globally. 
The site itself is operated and maintained for Winnington CHP by Eon Business Heat and Power Solutions and has outstanding safety and environmental records. 
Winnington CHP also helps support the wider electricity network by exporting power onto the local distribution system and participating in national schemes such as the Capacity Market to help maintain GB security of supply with low carbon power. As a result of its design, it can also flex to provide other services and support markets when necessary to ensure the system operates efficiently and effectively. 

The business

Winnington CHP Limited prides itself in having safety and environmental performance, continuous improvement through innovation and people development at the heart of its operations. Our young and dynamic team delivers sustainable growth through cutting edge digitisation and strong partnerships with industry, regulators and government, all of which underpins the long-term success of Tata Chemicals Europe’s chemical businesses.
Our team actively participates in charity fund-raising events for St Luke’s Hospice, Cheshire and played its part in raising more than £20,000 since 2015 - for more information, please click here.