Safety and REACH

Safety is our number one priority at Tata Chemicals Europe. This message is repeated consistently and frequently. We commence most meetings and every monthly communications briefing with a briefing on safety performance, and our MD states frequently that it is our responsibility to ensure that “nobody goes home hurt”. Ensuring the highest standards of health and safety is the duty of everyone across all departments within the company: from our office-based staff to our operators and engineers working in our plants. We are constantly monitoring performance and seeking to improve our practices – we cannot and do not take safety for granted.
We seek to engage both employees and contractors in our ongoing safety programme.  This collaborative approach to safety ensures that everyone takes responsibility for maintaining a safe working environment for themselves and their co-workers. Crucially, speaking up about safety issues is encouraged and rewarded. 


Products manufactured at Tata Chemicals Europe are REACH registered. 
All REACH queries and questionnaires should be directed to the dedicated REACH email address at: