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Ethical Business

Tata Chemicals Europe’s commitment to legal and ethical integrity is a fundamental to our business operations. This commitment is expressed in the Tata Code of Conduct, which can be found below. The content in our Code of Conduct is designed around building and maintaining the trust with our stakeholders that is vital to all our operations. We strive to outline our values and describe the principles that guide our practices.

In this section you will also find our ethical business statement, our whistleblowing policy and our Modern Slavery Compliance Statment.



Gender Pay - Company Statement

TCE is committed to ensuring we pay based on merit not gender. We employ a pay and grading structure, and employees in our union recognised population are predominantly paid the same rate for the job. There is some flexibility in salaries paid to employees in management roles, and this is based on knowledge, skills and experience as well as market conditions. Gender is not a factor in how much we pay.